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Chorus x1 **

Into the dark side
She gave me at the start
Until my tears r dry
Nd she lagged me behind
Into the dark side
I never wish to go
My heart is filled with fear
Fallen in the thrown

1st verse **

How can i tell u where dis begin
I was lost since childhood
Nd suffered till death
I acquired many senses
I was locked up with chains
With my fits turning back ( jizzth )
6 sense 7 memories it was all left in me
The courage the strenght
They r nothin match where i've been
I was hooked up in a cell
In the dark side, black side
Everythinz different to the corner of a line
It was like a border, side to side
Darks totally different from the bright side
Where i never even had a chance to go
Thinkin it everynight, everyday (( jizzth ) (khuith))
Sorry there was nothin called light
The tempo was high
Couldn't exist last breath was in the dark side dark side.

Chorus x2 **

2nd verse **

I dream every night how the light side
Wouldn't have been the difference of the dark side
Isn't there a possible way so i can cross the border
And get what i deserve
She was non-human being
The torture, the rath
Nothin ever stopped
Only 1 wish, 1 request
Set my heart free, jst wanna lil peak to the other side
The feelin the ambition
How does it fill to the black side, dark side
Basically they have been at the heaven
We the opposition
I was cursed by love in deep temtation
The violence, unlawful,l cryticisim
I was flat at the ground but i couldn't make up with my mind
And now im into the last n forelast to my last life.

Chorus x3 **

Ending verse **|

This is how stories end .. (aha) ..(chiyea)
We'll be back
.. keep in touch .

~ the end ~