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J - m - e!

F***ing ganster,
Yeah you know me and my brother skepta,
And you know trigga from manchester,
Yeah he's the n***er on in a corner,
Yo wiley the godfather,
Grime originator,
Big lyrics squeezer,
My bloodline fam,
Big h the soldier,
Danny's big bro pablo paper,
Then let me bring frisco fucking darker,
Boss man with a laser on the nova,
Jammer or shorty f***ing danger,
Or president t f***ing danger,
Send me a beat from silencer,
Fling me in a studio vocal chamber,
I creep on the riddim like a night hunter,
Button down the track like a lyric shooter,
Like kalashnikov you know it's murder,
You know i come with the next flava,
Bars for the radio bars for the raver,
If you ain't got dap don't come round here,

J - m - e

I roll round your ends matte black beamer,
Matte black doors matte black bumper,
Matte black bonnet call me matte black rider,
Don't know im a flexer,
No indirects cos i'm not a bender,
If i got qualms dial up your number,
You see my name on the screen of your nokia,

Badman time,
Shadow demon coalition,
Boy better know,
Heart stabber,

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