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Morningside Lane

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She lets her darkness fall
By day we both have different ends
She gives up all her desires
And fears in the night
But it was just a vanished site
Through this darkness i'll be forgotten
Then i see my losses
When i close my eyes

I walk in dark
I walk in fear
That i'll just disappear
All of the insights are sure
When i walk out the door
But it was just a vanished sight
Nothing is ever true
Whenever i have fears
I think of you

Now our revels have ended
And you're melted into the air
The darkness heals my beating mind
And it goes away through the darkness of the night,

Loneliness is how i'm revealed
Feeling that i'll disappear
In this pitch black night
Nobody sees when i ride by
I dream until my wrists go wild
And with the fire burning within
And with you and me
And this dream we're living in

And the rain came tumbling down..

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