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Janz Paul

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I love that way you drive your car
Feels like a freeway through my heart
I wanna cruise down urban drives with you
One look in your eyes i fall through
I get addicted to the things you do
So take the wheel and glide
You and me should collide
Darling drive
Tell me love's alive
I'll be true
All i want is you
Look at this heart it burns for you
Look at that sky azure blue
I never knew what tenderness could do
Move that car come on let's go
I love the noise on the radio
Baby you've got the key
Move it on over to me
Stare in my eyes
Dive in my ocean
Fly in my skies
We got locomotion
Look at this smile
Follow that whim
Move it outside
Let the moonlight in
Take me out there
Where love is forever
You and me girl
Drivin' together

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