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Marvin Gaye

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Words seem to fail me
Whenever you are near
I've got to get myself together
And tell you how much i care

'cause when you look at me
I get weak in my knees
My heart won't let me be
Won't you help me, please
I really love you

Darling, you're wonderful
Darling, you're wonderful
You are so divine
You're my heavenly dream

You're a cool, cool breeze
That caress me on a hot summer night
I suffer so much, baby
When you're out of my sight

So baby come to my arms
Let me thrill to your charms
So i won't be alone
You'll be the queen on my throne, baby

Darling, you're wonderful
Darling, you're wonderful

The spinners would say
You're a sweet thing, baby
You're a sweet, sweet thing

Stevie wonder would say
You are uptight
Clean out of sight

Sam cooke would say
I know, i know, i know, i know
You know that i know you're wonderful

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