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Well, i rehearsed for the verse and i'm number one
Not the best, not the worst, 'cause my name is run
And i'm second 'cause i wreck it, that you want to see
An emcee like d, inside the place to be
And have you heard that he is third and his name is jay
I'm run the a, d the deuce and jay's the tre'

I'm the rapper of the year and this the year of the rap
And i'm never drinkin' beer, it's champagne at the tap
And i'm cold makin' money on a regular basis
Pullin' out, knockin' sucker mc faces

Travel round the world with my mind at ease
No calvin klein, just wearin' lee's
Got credit in countries i've never been
'cause the records i write are in the top ten

The top of the chart, is where i stay
But i also chill, around the way
In hollis, queens, is where i stop
On the streets with the beats is where i walk

When i perform, many hearts i warm
I'm better known, as the quiet storm
I don't talk too much but i got beef
When i kill mc's, i 'cause grief

Devestatin' mic control is my main goal
My name is darryl, and his name is, joe
The master of music his name is jay
Leave us alone, and let us play

We give it up, and turn it loose
We're not like dr. seuss or mother goose
Sucker mc's like punks who are pickin' flowers
Go for yours, we went for ours

Start at 3, end at 6, jam master jay is on the mix
For all the young ladies and all the chicks
We got all of the girls, on our tips
Don't buy gold lighters, only bic's
Rock all microphones, just for kicks

Sucker mc's i will be snuffin'
In my pocket i'll keep on stuffin'
When i say i'll beat em up i won't be bluffin'
They can't beef cause that ain't nothin'
But it don't matter, my pocket gets fatter
I got more hats than the mad hatter

Well, i'm the rapper with the mic, drive a caddy not a bike
Drop a rhyme in your face, and you'll damn sure like
He's an mc with the rhyme know the day and the time
Never ever goin' low, 'cause he only climb

And jay's the dj with the cut, move your arm and your butt
So d take the mic, huh hah
Say what? i will not stop, i will not quit
Because some at the top but i'm on the tip

That's as high on the top as you can get
And you best believe, i'll be on it
So before you decide, to try me out
I'm gonna let you all know what i'm all about

I'm a fresh mc, who's on his way
To be an mc with the most to say
And to all those out there, that don't know me
I go by the name of d. m. c.

In the place to be, i will mc
The master of the ceremony 'cause it's easy to d
Control of the mic, is so devestatin'
That all other rappers you will soon be hatin'
No matter what race, creed or color
When we pull forward things don't get duller

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