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Uh, i was looking for that cereal box.


I need to get the price for that cereal box for my dad.

Please hold.



Hello, i need to get the price for that cereal box on the air,
One hundred point seven.

I'm sorry, i'm sorry, i didn't understand you.

I need to get the price for that cereal box.
You know, the one with styx on it?
It has lots of styx and children.



I need the price, please!
For that cereal box.

You need a price?

Yes, cereal box price.
How much it was?

For what box of cereal?

Um, the one with the styx and the little boy,
With the hand grenade.

I don't know which one you're talking about.

Um...i think it's called choo choo train.



Yes? hello?
I need the price for the cereal box.

What cereal bars?

Not cereal bars...

How much it was?
Please, tell me now, before i get angry!

What cereal box?

The one with the boy and the grenade,
And the children with two hundred dollars.

I have no idea.

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