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Sewing With Nancie (the Reason)

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I was walking out in front of the sky dome.
It is the stadium the blue jays call their home.
I heard the detroit dogers were in town that night,
If i had tickets i'd be rooting blue and white.
This gi-gi she comes up to me says hey,(hey),she says
Who is your at time foavorite blue jay, i said he's
Good but he don't swing no bat, and then the gi-gi
Simply said oh who is that. and i said

Dave steib, he's the pitcher for the blue jays,
Dave steib he is the man,oh oh dave stieb wearing
Number thirty-seven(he was drinking capichino)
Dave steib he has got the golden hand.......(1,2,1,2,3,4)

I was walking down the street after the game,
Too bad the blue jays lost but i still feel the same.
And, who did i see sitting in the cafe?jesus christ
It was my favorte blue jay. it was....


I walked up to dave steib and i said hey(hey),
Ars you aware you are my favorite blue jay.
Come to think of it i am your biggest fan, then
You know he reached out shook my hand.
You know you are the nicest guy in toronto.
Mr. steib you taught me everything i know.
About the baseball lovin gi-gi your so smart,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart

(chorus x3)

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