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The Ugly Club

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Date de parution : 13/07/2012

Durée : 0:04:38

Style : Alternative

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David foster wallace
Song/lyrics by: r. egan

Where we goin?
Are we guessin?
We find ourselves
Right here again
On a holiday.

Youre heavy swimmin'
With a shark bite sinkin in
The television might
Haunt my sleep tonight
If i let it.

Youre eatin roses
Digesting beauty just because.
Paid like a peasant
Lost in love
I got no money.

Ahh where we goin?
Cos ive been wishin
That chemically
Wed fall asleep
And never wake
For the open curtain dream.

There aint no show
Like the one i know
Get caught just listenin
When i wake up
I find it hard to walk away.

Temptation is glowin
Darlin we let it go
Oh oh oh
Too far to rewrite the wrong
Put it down, little honey
Get down.

You think its push and shove
Round here
I think you try too much.
You gotta get your fix
Where your ambition is
Will only bring you down.

We used to think (think)
We had it all controlled.
Up to our necks (necks)
Were being sold.
We used to think (think)
Without a broken signal
Lagging in the mud.

What we go through
Is no surprise
I only fear where
Were headin.
No mystery
No smoke screen
Our demise
Is the high
Well be gettin'.


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