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(verexplainse 1)
I dont give a fuck about your problems, i got my own
They say i act way to crass and ill end up alone
I told em i would make it
Theres nothing that can stop me
And im lookin so clean, but im feeling so sloppy
I hope you can see everything in me
There is a dark side within me
Sometimes we fight, were fine
I hope everything will be alright
So, im a rap my broken heart out
From the sun until its dark out
And no i cannot stop now
Cause im driving with the top down
Tryina make this a reality, but its just a fallacy
Cause right here with youtheres no place id rather be
Im just tryina get it, get it
But sometimes i need some help
Just forget it, get it
Im a do it by myself
They told me stop, i told them, no
They told me stop, i told them, go
They told me rock, i told them, roll
Im on top the todem pole
Woah, woah, we gon take you for a ride
Woah, woah, we gon do it all tonight
Uh-oh, i just told another lie
So, ill deny till i die
Im talking, can you hear me?
I promise, you dont scare me
I know my other side, i dont hide
Cause i...
Im not afraid of you, youre not afraid of me
Just look me in the mirror, tell me what do you see
I see a monster, i see a giant
Maybe cause i am david and goliath
(verse 2)
You dont even know the half
Cause ive been waiting around for you to get back
Im incomplete, down on my luck
Youre always there to bring me right back up
I got 99 bitches, and aint none of them problems
And even if they were i got a solution to solve em
Whats that? fuck bitches, get money
And laugh like everything is always funny
But, but then i wanna wife them, and i dont even like them
Honeymoon them, give them credit cards
And tell them theres no prices
They tell me im the nicest, and i feel like good guy
And thats all in the nick-of-time for us to say our goodbyes
Momma where did i go wrong?
Ive been flattering myself all along
And it feels so right, but they tell me its so wrong
If i aint feeling me, then who gon feel me, feel me?
As long as i keep it real and remain the real me, im a be alright
I dont give a fuck about your problems, i got my own
They say im just way to crass and ill end up alone

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