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Vital Remains

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Date de parution : 02/12/1999

Durée : 0:08:47

Style : Rock

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Abbadon, by craft of extinction draping the altruist light
Ever- burning the splintered conscious
Cleansing the sickened and the trite
Azazel, by craft of contention forging our dread medium
Ever- killing all the slaving dogma
Rousing the timeless elysium
Human abasement a viral sacrament
A world in ruin, diseases heaven sent
This is the dawning of our discontent
Purification; the passion and intent
Glorious satan, the icon now ascends
For this is the dawning of our discontent

Dawn of the apocalypse
We, the strong
We, the conquerors
We are dominance
We are legion
Tiamat, by craft of malevolence granting our inspiration
Ever- noble in her violence
Scourging into completion
Fenriz, by craft of nature crushing the obstinate worm
Ever- hungry for the twilight
Lead us into victory
Dawn of the apocalypse

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