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Hey here i stand and cry now would you laugh at me.
Hate, i can feel those eyes they look inside of me.
Pain, if you like what you find then would you fuck with me.
Hey never ever forget.
Hey, dont you stop to take a look at you.
Hey when the shits been dropped can i still come to you.
Hey youve been caught but now i look at you and say
How i never forget

This is a pointless game that you play with me.
Inside your just a tired name full of apathy and pride.
You can't let go so the circle never dies.
Never ever forget who you are.

Pain. building your name.
The rules of this game are getting to be oh so clear now.
Lies. building your life.
Reconing time is getting is getting to be oh so clear now.

So whats it gonna be. so what is your reason.
I hope you hear and i hope you can see this.
Everyone look i'm confronting my demons that don't mean shit.

I get to point. i feel like im breaking.
God gives me strength i know i can take it.
Whatever you put out with him i can take it and you don't mean shit.

Get up. you get what you gave.

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