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Cam Young

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Verse :
Thinkin' to myself how will i make it if you, up and leave me through our problems and our recent issues, she knows i love her but sometimes i make it hard to see it, though i refuse to get attached she knows how bad i need it
In further details she's goin' through my gmail, thinkin' to herself how could i love another female, i been around the world baby girl it's like you asked for it, so i try my hardest not to do you like your last boy
She said i see right through you, all of the lies that you told man i knew you, were playin' with my heart and my mind with the cheatin' all of the pain that you caused and believing, she's the one i loved from the start and beginning, now she's the one i lost messin' with these other women, you're the one who i thought had your heart all in it, now she's the one who's gone as my heart beats frigid (frigid)
This is how it feels from being moutain high, to trippin' on that climb, an slippin' up while falling out the sky, seems as if this life i had with you was just a time limit, and baby girl i swear all end this all as long as i'm in it
Baby i hate goin' into details, but you're the one i want sick of f*ckin other females, gimme one more chance ima show you i can be there, take you to a place you ain't never been girl, we here
Now we are day dreamin'
We are daydream