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(chorus: heymous molly)
Day drinking
Sun goes up and drink goes down
Gonna pass another round
To you and me and all these crazy muthafuckers

(verse 1: pitbull)
In little havana
We be eatin' tore up from the floor up, gettin' hammered
Can you go down, down, baby, "country grammar"
Sorry miss thang, pardon my grammar
But i got gifts and hoes, call me santa

(pre-chorus: heymous molly)
We don't need no holiday
No we don't
We ain't even on spring break
Cause i know
We can make our own va-cay
And i can show you how we do it

(chorus: heymous molly)

(verse 2: pitbull)
Yeah we like to party
And like to fuck to "drunk in love", beyoncé
Do ya thang, who cares what they all say
Put your lips like a ring around my woo!
Now that's a fian-stay

(pre-chorus: heymous molly)

(chorus: heymous molly)

(bridge: heymous molly & pitbull)(4x)
To the left, to the right
To never waiting for the night

(chorus: heymous molly)

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