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Royal Hunt

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Another fight - another story.
I cannot choose, i'm always playin too much.
Days runs to night, turns off the glory.
Somebody's looses, somebody looks out of touch.

The colors are dark, but i hope to get luck on my side,
My sprit lost - i'm cry my heart out.
10 000 years have passed and what have we learned?
We're doin' worse - illusion's all 'round -
My life's the same as many lifetimes ago...

Day in, day out - i'll be alright,
Day in, day out - i feel like shoutin' it out.

I'm stranger in town, tryin' to make some connections,
My future and past are desperate wreck.
I'm starin' at mirrors and my my own reflection,
So rashly and slowly stickin' a knife in my back...

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