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Forgotten Tomb

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Date de parution : 13/03/2012

Durée : 0:07:15

Style : Heavy Metal

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I watched into the burning sun.
My eyes filles with obsession.
An eternal walk towards nothing.
An empty road, as long as my eternal sickness.

I watched into a dead horizon.
My blood falls into the sun.
My thoughts drown into emptiness.
Stench of death in the air.

The sickness of a summer afternoon.
My sticky flesh covered by insects.
A dream of naked bodies dying on meathooks.
The smell of your slaughtered whore-meat
Rotting under a blinding sun.

Your last stop - dead end.
My twisted visions revealed to you.
Youll never understand
This ravishing desire for demise.

Hanged dolls, sing-song.
Bones swinging endlessly.
Hot winds of a funeral day.

I walked through the same old walls.
I smelled the same old dust.
Dust of forgotten times.
Dust of ! shallow lives.

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