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Date de parution : 01/01/1999

Durée : 0:01:2

Style : Alternative

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Today is the day the earth stood still
We looked into the sky and saw a light headed straight for the horizon
That's when we looked to eachother as if we knew that the time was right when we left our homes
Now that we are all here at the same time
We can give thatnks and praise as we merge into one mind
There are many roads and places within ourselves, that we need to get to
One love, an aulteristic mission with one last chance to save the day
This is the final test to choose wisely my friends
A b c d
We follow the heat of our motor to keep time and space
"this is a death race"
Because if there are no tomorrows then tonight must never come
We're not trying to reinvent the wheel
We're just here to steer our machine, machine, machine, machine, it came from the east early this morning, burning a streak of fire
Now streching from sea to sea, to the western horizon
It's picking up speed
As we step on the pedal, the sky is falling
We've heard this before
Babylon is falling
Oh come on, we've heard that one before
If the fallout is here, this might be the last time the sun will fall
So we better start listening

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