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The Kinks

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Daylight over the village green
Early in the morning
Daylight over the hills and valleys
Heralding the morning
Daylight over the mountains
Daylight on the village green
Daylight over the field and the factories
Another night has gone away
And here comes yet another day
See the early morning risers
Walking round with bleary eyes
Worn out housewives grit their teeth
Ignoring new born babies' cries
Look at all the busy people
This way, that way, everywhere
Biting toast and swallowing tea
'cause breakfast specials' on the air
Feel that daylight
I feel the sunlight on my pillow
And it stops my yawning

I thank god that i'm still around
To see another dawn in
Daylight over the valleys
Daylight lighting up the trees
Daylight over the hillside
Smile a smile and sing a song
Another night has been and gone
Middle-aged bankers crack their backs
And wish they were young and in their teens
Lonely spinsters dream of dating
Roger moore or steve mcqueen
Health fanatics in their attics
Training for the empire games
School boys dream of captain scarlet
Battle ships and aeroplanes
Feel that daylight
Daylight on the village green
Daylight, field and the valleys

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