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Play, play the theme, play the theme, play the theme, play...
Who can test the, new contender?
Who can test the, new. con.ten.der...?

*verse 1*

You only ever act the way that i make you act,
Its a basic fact,
''you had my love now i'll take it back,'
I'll beat you for saying that,
Hit you with a baseball bat and take back my baseball hat

If i kill you i guess i just confessed... i think it's best i erase this track
But before i do that, you're gonna taste my wrath
It's time to inform you im dangerous with a gat

Your face is wack and i hate your laugh
You're caked in crap slut
Please take a bath!
Making cash is an ancient task
Like a flaming rash testing how long your patience lasts

Breast implants and chest enhance impresses mans with hoards of interesting plans,
I guess you cant get the things that you wanna,
Unless you marry a man with bling and a sauna!

Think of ya' daughter, you self-centered whore
Bare so many jewels that you fell to the floor
Hit so hard you woke at hells weathered doors
Now the only bling you'll hear are the bells in the morgue


Self metaphors and sick similes
Effects everyone in this vicinity
Listen to me cause you're missing the key
Slit ya' wrist in three, then you'll really be free

Kiss the concrete, while you're in the hot seat, watch me
I'm stealing your wrist watch g
This is hip hop beef
And if ya' clip's not sheathed?
Then i'm gonna rip yo' spleen!
And i'll use the same knife, put it to your wife,
While the mother fucker cries she can be kissing my feet
While i'm sipping the drink of your favourite malt, favourite assault both keep you warm when the days are cold..


Tryn'a raise this..
Dealing with the faceless trolls
On a basic doll
But the pay slip's old
Living in the basement
With a facelift doll
(repeat x2)

*verse 2*

Sometimes i question why you act that way
A mass parade when i just ask a favour
Well im'a even the score, it's 3 - 4
When she bleeds on the floor i don't have to save her

In fact i'll masking tape her to the radiator
And ass rape while i claim i hate her
Now the bitch is saying that the vein she drained is my fault?!
Fuck was it me! blame the razor!

I aint your savour, you're a damaged product
You should be restrained in a savage lock up
And while you're out the picture i can ravage hot sluts!
It wouldn't have happened if you could manage cock-sucks

You scavenge dump trucks, looking for cardboard
I'm having fun fucks, doing it hard core
Your heart pours like you've been stabbed with a sharp sword
Living in the street, practicing bar chords

A fascist dark horse
I'm paving the way for a better day when my head is straight from the medicates
Stop believing if i meditate, i can levitate like a feather weight to heaven's gate, it's never late,
But i don't know when to stop, throwing a cop, for blowing a shot
Just for showing my cock
I don't know if my lyrics are flowing or not...
I don't even know if i'm getting where i'm going or got!

I cruise the streets, bruising peeps that sue me
So i can finally get on the news, see?
Now i'm locked in a room for the loony, but escape like houdini,
Can you see me?

It's what i do weekly and you who seek me
Should be warned that i am able to move freely
So tune ya' tv, buy my new cd, choose ya' freebie and abuse the beegee's

Make sure the rage holds,
And it aches 'til it breaks the mould
N' all the mother fuckers pay their toll
To afford to pay for ya' rolls
That keeps you warm when the days.. are.. cold!



Who can
Test the
New con-
Who-who-who-who-who can test the, new new new
Who.. who.. who.. who can test the, new contender?
Test! test! test! new contender...

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