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Date de parution : 11/08/2008

Durée : 0:03:4

Style : Pop

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I've had days full of loving
Days of hope, days with faith
Days where i was believing you'd be mine and you'd stay
I've had days where i'd miss you
I've had days of despair
But could i ever leave you? i don't know if i'd dare
I grow weak when you're near me
I go numb when you speak
I lose my breath when you're breathing
Right next to me

But my heart seems to tremble
Just a little too soon
When you're gone without calling
Through the night 'till it's noon

'cause every night and every day
I'm wasting time when you're away
I wish i was stronger
But a life without you
I cannot believe
I cannot believe in
And i don't know how to let go

So much hurt in my loving
So much pain everywhere
You said you'd learn but you didn't
Don't know why i still care

And i don't know how to leave you
How to really let you go
How to close the door behind you
How to hang on to a no


But i've had days full of loving
Maybe a few, but they are there
You give me days of believing
I guess that's why i'm here.

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