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Mekong Delta

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Gates far behind
Priests out of mind
Endless the night
Nocturnal flight
Eyes in the dark,
Wait for the spark
Waste everywhere...

Peril in sight
Pray for the light
Phantoms in black
Mutants attack
Bareskin and bone
Hunger the hone
No apathy
For what i see

The tunnel in the mountainside
Looks like a place to hide
Descending into darkness now
A chamber deep inside

Days of betrayal

Screen coming on
Ancient machines
What does it mean
Bio chip here
Message of fear
Shocking the view
Morbid and true

A chance to save the human race
Chaos we can avoid
A mighty power out of place
That has to be destroyed

Days of betrayal

The end of the begining of
What is but never really was
Now press on and go beyond
I could try a million times
And cry until the end of time,
But it won't change a thing

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