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Urban Mystic

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These are the days of our lives
We got one life to live
As the world turns, from the young and restless
You're so bold and beautiful, with passion so deep
You're my guiding light that makes my life complete

Lady, you know that your my girl, my girl
I say, baby, i wanna rock your world, oh girl
(i wanna rock your world, i wanna rock your world)
And when i get that feeling you give me sexual healing
Sexy lady, sexy lady
Baby i am ready for your tender love
Your my inspiration sent from heaven above.

Your sweetness is my weakness
So off the light and be my starship delight, so do me baby, mm
My heavenly eyes, your love is rated x, i see that sparkle in your eyes
Oh baby, we are one like a ribbon in the sky
Your fire and desire turns me on cutie pie
I'll be your magic man, now tell me how deep is your love
Feel my love serenade beneath the stars up above


I think i might wife her
You know, cut her when i want no rubber when i pipe her
Or maybe i just like her and only tell her those things cause i know it excites her

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