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Surrounded by quietness and silence,
You look into the face of that creature which once gave delight.
It seems to you unreal and slowly blurring inside the mirror of life.
You spoke and wanted to be silent.
You loved but deceived yourself.
Caught in a thousand illusions, your escape was plainer than facing reality.

Your face disintegrates in the glaring fire truth casts on you.
Your own picture is impressed with doubts.
The faith in yourself resembles a battle that seems lost.
You destroyed what arose over years.
You sold your soul, your heart, your reason.
What once filled you with unspeakable pride, you did forsake.

Out of deepest night
That covered you,
Days of perception have broken.
Your mask has fallen
Down to dust,
Your secrets have been spoken.

Fearlessly forward !
Open your eyes !

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