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I can't understand it
Everything was going so well
The fur on my cat was just starting to grow back
I had just gotten my new color membership card
Into the james dean get an overnight fan club
Complete with personalized autographed pictures
A faded blue jean jacket
And the first, the most serious, of strange, but very cool
Twisted sister dance lp's
Then, i get this letter, from my dentist
It says
Well mr. dean
You tried to run and hide
Said you'd be back in a few short months
How come you lied?
You've got to come down
Put those feet in your shoes
Got to come down
And start cryin' those dds blues
Now i'm really bummed
I have to take the whole day off from my job
With the no brag, just that, security alarm company
Where our motto is
"the only decision you'll have to make is
Who goes in after the snake in the morning?"
Then, i remembered that sound
You know, the scary one
That can put a booger look on a pit-bull
So, i send this letter to my dentist
It says
Dear dr. bean,
Got your notice today
Read it once, tossed it out, ain't nothin' left to say
Ain't got to go down
Put your feet in my shoes
Ain't gonna go down
''cause you got me singin' those dds blues
Just remember
The next time your dentist tracks you down
And that curiously strong feeling of panic
Runs over the entire length of your body
Just slip into the spirit world
Write yourself a letter
And address it to your local doctor of dental science
Hey lookee here
If you let it slide
We'll want you back in a few short months
You just can't run and hide
You got to sit down
Start spreadin' the news
You got to sit down
And start singin' those dds blues

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