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Jungle Rot

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To be alive, it was told to me -
I must conform, you can't expect me -
To live a life, that doesn't make sense -
In my own world, you're a death sentence -
I don't hear, what you teach them -
Your words could not lead me to innocence -
You can try, you can't stop me -
Dead and buried is the last sight you will see -
My mind is set, on killing you -
You cannot run, i will find you -
Your hands are tied, your mouth taped shut -
The screams unheard, six feet underground -
Dead and buried underground -
Try to scream, won't hear a sound -
Dead and buried underground -
What's left of you a dirt mount -
Dead and buried underground -
Dead and buried underground -
So many victims, so little time to choose -
I have to kill, my mind's blown a fuse -
There is no reason, except the taste of blood -
The rotting carnage, it fills me full of hate -
I'll hunt you down, i will not stop -
Until your rotting corpse is sunken beneath my feet -
You try to hide, you will fail -
The taste of death too strong, killing is sweet -
Caskets, lowered into wormy earth -
Family, weeping tears of blood -
Cold rain, turning dirt to mud -
Preacher, vomits his last rites -
Citizens are watching in horror -
Caskets, with blood is spilling over-
Bodies crunched and pressed together -
Stench of humon rot and putrid -
Dead and buried underground.

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