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Travis Garland

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I'm not the same person i used to be.
I'm movin' on, it's just me.

Do you remember?
When you told me that, i'd never be good enough for anyone.
That i wasn't worth your time, your energy.
And why did i listen then?
Why didn't i stand up for myself.

But you made me believe,
That i was on the road to nowhere;
To nowhere.
And oh, i was listening for way too long.
I should of known i'm way too strong,
To let you just lead me on. lead me on.

And oh, i was travelin' on that road too long.
Just tryna find my way back home.
The old me's dead and gone.
Dead and gone, ohhh.

I've been thinkin' bout' all that we've been through.
Every place that you and me went to.
Thinking back home, stupid little memories.
Thinking bout' the times where my heart felt empty.


That was all the time cause' we weren't just fine,
We fake it.
A true friend stabs you in the front,
So tell me why my back is achin'.
You can't say, you just joke.
H-h-h-hangman, there's your rope.
Dang what's in front, bettter work for you.
Hooked me up and you got me at your game.

Burn every rib, but you still see the smoke.
Tryna get across, but you sank every boat.
You can smoke everyday of your life,
But when i'm on the mic, imma be more dope.

And ohhh.
I was listening for way too long.
I should of known i'm way too strong.
To let you just lead me on,
Lead me on.

So you could love me for who i am,
Or hate me for who you think i am.
But the old me's dead and gone.
I'm movin' on now.

Oooh woahh.

The old me's dead and gone,
Dead and gone.

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