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Date de parution : 06/11/2001

Durée : 0:02:27

Style : Alternative

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Dead, or is he dying? was he mugged? or did he quit trying? regardless =
Of the reason, we gotta move him. see, he blocks the car in, we should =
Leave a messanger to find him, as we speak the traffic thickens like a =
Virus. dead bum, dead bum, just another dead bum, dead bum, dead bum, =
Did i catch you at a bad time? you should know my voice by now, i've =
Got further instructions i don't know what you'll do without. i've got a =
Job to do here, and i need a clear head, you don't want to get me mad =
Dear, no use in calling the feds.
Submitted by: mel

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