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Kalina Tyne

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Date de parution : 21/06/2014

Durée : 0:03:1

Style : Pop

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How quick am i going i'm about to go faster
Pushed down the hill and they pumped the gas
They forced it down my throat / where i'm bound to go
Who i am and what i know
The person in the mirror tell me where they've been
A big black "perfect" across their forehead
Tired, vacant eyes and everybody smiles / trophies in the background
That's all i am / that's where i stand

So fix me again and tell me i'm not / all that you bargained for but you've got
I'm too many things to comprehend
Strings at the fray try to tie down the mess / but i'll break if you say this ain't my best
I'm trying, i'm screaming but i can't
And if we don't brake now then we're gonna hit the dead end

Chin up, shoulders back, keep your eye on the prize
Make sure i'm not flawed in the public eye
'cause god forbid i trip / and my cover slips
And they realize i'm just a kid
With dreams, and hopes, but a closed door 'cause everybody knows
You've got to be perfect, best in the state
But they don't know they're just running in place


What if we slowed down / and realized that everything i'm doing's just too hard
What if we noticed / that i wanna do other things, and i don't gotta be the best for me 'cause
I'm just a kid / running in place towards a dead end, towards a dead end


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