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(brogna / christ)

I went to a doctor with a pain in my head
He said: "tumor boy! six months you're dead,
It's gonna be slow and painful
It ain't gonna be no fun"
So i went home and decided
I'll end it now my life's done

Game over, end of the ride
It's suicide!!!

So i took out a shotgun, i put it in my mouth
I put it in too far, i gagged then ralphed
I jumped in front of a truck
I missed and only felt a breeze
Then i tried a bus, the driver stopped and said:
"exact change, please!!!"

I survived, was still alive!

I dropped a toaster in the tub with me
It did wonders for my hair
Was gonna drive myself right off a cliff
Got lost on my way there
I took a jar of sleeping pills
But all i did was snooze
I can't do nothing right
I got the dead man blues!

Can't get it right
I'm feeling so uptight
I can't die i gotta wonder why
I try and try and try but i can't die
I've got the dead man blues
'cause even if i win i lose

I threw a rope around the rafters
Around my neck, stood on a chair
The phone rings, my machine picks up
And guess who's there?
It's a message from my doctor
And he says: "hey lucky break!
It was just a dirt on the x-ray
Whoops! i made a mistake!"

And then i slipped off the chair
And i was hanging there:
I've got the dead man blues
'cause even if i win i lose
The dead man blues

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