Paroles de Dead man's lantern

After Three Seconds

pochette album Dead man's lantern
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Date de parution : 21/10/2008

Durée : 0:09:23

Style : Rock

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The winds that hide the sighs of lovers written words deny
Whisper with spectral voices
The roots that felt the weight of soles and souls now drowned in fate
Young dreams and mortal choices
The clouds that drape the trees in fog that falls thick at my knees
Descend on autumn slowly
The mountain that we made from shattered hearts lain here displayed
Rises to block the sunlight

Wind, pray, delay your judgment one more day
Things we search and find, lives we've left behind, oh

One dream to be alive

The wind will sweep away the scattered lights of another day
The cool dusk now takes a dark turn
The inky night will flow through open mouths
The world we know hangs like a dead man's lantern
The dim flickering light shows ghosts that dream, that beg for flight
Caged in by withered branches
A dark canopy weighs on darkened dreams and empty days
Dead cries for second chances

Fade away if you can't stand to take it one more day
Flee your darkened soul, heart's an empty hole, oh

One dream to be alive
And feel all i conceal

When the world won't give way to your high-hearted dreams
Push it back 'till it breaks at the seams

Bleeding through like a rainstorm that cleanses the skies
Now let loose all your burdens and fly

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