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Body Count

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Date de parution : 03/03/2003

Durée : 0:04:49

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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I don't remember my mama
Dad sold crack all night
My life was fucked from the jump street
Now this kite i write

Never had half a fuckin' chance
My whole trial i was broke
Circumstantial that's bullshit
My defense was a joke

You go in a motherfuckin' courtroom
With a fuckin' public defender
The public defender works with the fuckin' d.a.
Motherfuckers ain't got no chance
You ain't got no money you're fucked, you're fucked

Now this cell is my residence
My address is the row
24 hour lock down
When they'll kill me who knows?

Guilty, we the unfree
Dead men walking
Guilty, we the unfree
Dead men walking

I'm a genius from books now
Never read on the street
Never lifted a fuckin' weight
Now my boy's concrete

Filed a hundred appeals or more
No response from the state
Get no phone calls or visits
My mentality's hate

When i was on the street i had
Motherfuckin' boys, where's my bitch?
She won't even accept my fuckin' phone calls
Yo, they better not let me up out this motherfucka
You this shit's on, fuck that word

I get visits from doctors
Analyzing the ill
Families pray for my death now
Vengeance lays for the kill

Guilty, we the unfree
Dead men walking
Guilty, we the unfree
Dead men walking

Does the defendant have any final words
He would like to say to the court?
Yeah, i got somethin' i'd like to say
Yo, you, judge, you a racist motherfucker
I feel like bustin your motherfuckin'

No, let me go, i'm gonna kill everyone one of you jurors
If i ever get out of here, i'm comin' one by one
And blow your motherfuckin' brains out
You motherfuckers, no, keep your motherfuckin' hands off
Fuck that

So i think 'bout my past now
My future holds only pain
Involuntarily drugged by the state for years
Now i know i'm insane

When i'm moved shackled hands and feet
My skin's covered in ink
I read the bible 'bout twenty-five times
Now fuck gods how i think

You can save all that religious bullshit
Stay the fuck out of my cell
If that priest comes in my cell, i'm a bust him in the
I'll break your fuckin' neck with my bare hands, fuck that

So live your life to the fullest
But remember don't trip
One mistake you're my neighbor
And there's no one here rich

Guilty, we the unfree
Dead men walking
Guilty, we the unfree
Dead men walking

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