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Take a knife
And carve your name into my heart
No room left
Too many names decorate this art
Stiches hold it together
Scars rip it apart
You can't believe it
Until you've felt it
...until you've felt it
Feel it!

I got a life to sell
I don't want it anymore
Make your bets now
If i ever gettin old
I'm not some kind of an emotional toy
So if you wanna lie to me
Do it right

Do - it - right
Do - it - right

I want you to watch me bleed
I want you to see me pine away
Take a stick and push it into my numb body
To see if i'm dead or alive

Throw your stones
But there is no breath of life
Bloodshot eyes blur my empty soul inside
I am down on my knees
Is that the way you need me to be
Is that the way you need me to be

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