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((yeah) yeah) yeah! (yeah(yeah)) see (see) see this is the bomb (yeah)
(street's) what i know is, ya'll listen up (yeah) fuck niggaz goin out (that's what you waitin for right here)
Feel what i'm sayin? (let's go) let's go!

They want it i got it, damn right i'ma flaunt it
Do anything you want, just don't get up on it
Them ogs raised me, you know them streets made me
Equipped with the game to drive these young bitches crazy

Baby that's crazy, work match a straight jacket
We stack it all up and then we green bay pack it
Never in your life seen this many rubber bands
You ain't never in your life seen this many hunned grands

Now even in the bake, you ain't seen this movin lead
And so i would assume that you was in the room
Money so dirty gotta sweep it with a broom
Plus you gotta nigga drinkin in the afternoon

Go hard on my liver feel sorry for my bladder
I'll stop when i die bitch it don't even matter
Dead or alive bet i'm in ya top five
Even ask ya hoe, bet i'm in ya bitch ride
E'er body be cool, i ain't tryin make a scene
First new camaro that the city's ever seen
And that bitch clean, and that bitch runnin
I ain't gotta bitch so i treat her like my woman
I tell her slow down, now baby speed up
Go on show ya ass, let them haters see us
Red white and blue stones, yeah the chain's like "heyah"
Southpa say i gave that jeweler one-eighty

My folks get it in like the coast guard, lady
That's why my crib lookin like a postcard, baby
Tell me what you think of me so far, lady
Clip so long i need a chauffer, baby


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