Paroles de Dead silence

Ray Childish

pochette album Dead silence
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Date de parution : 03/11/2009

Durée : 0:02:58

Style : Alternative

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Looking at you
I don't think we're halfway through
But you've never given me another try

Do you think we can start over again
After i turned you down
And you tore my carrier bag to shreds?

But there's dead silence
Dead silence from you
Dead silence, dead silence
From you

Why don't you ever dial my number?
Why don't you ever knock on my door?
Why the fuck don't you ask me how i'm doing?
Don't just stand there and say nothing at all!

Bridge (repeat 2x):
I've been wasting too much of my time
Now mary wants to love, fast
Mary wants to love hard

Don't be so cruel on me!
Don't be so cruel on me!
Why are you so cruel
On me?
Don't be so cruel on me!

Chorus (repeat 2x)

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