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Date de parution : 02/11/2012

Durée : 0:02:13

Style : Punk

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Up there by the lonesome pine is where you will find
Two stories of abandonment and somethin bad inside
Outside by the window it reads "stay out or die"
In the freezer lies a chopped up body on ice
There's so much evil in this place
Goosebumps on my arms and terror's on my face
A quaint dysfunctional domecile
Won't you please stay for a while?
In the deadhouse (x2)

There's a pentagram scrawled up on the wall
The smell of death gets thicker as you go down the halls
By the cellar window i see eerie flashes of light
I think i've had enough excitement for one night

And i don't wanna die
Or be another victim this time
When yer gettin hacked and slashed time sure does fly
Curiosity proved my demise....
In this deadhouse! (x5)

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