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Ray Childish

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I shake grains of soil from my neat new summer dress
Readjust my tousled hair - i sure look like a mess
I shake the dirt from my hands and curse the dirt behind my nails
No one mentions, they get dirty, in tales

Such a nice sunny day, yet i'm in a gloomy mood
Haven't i warned you to shut up when you started getting rude?
But you kept going on and on, gesticulating in the air
You kept a screaming and a shouting, but i didn't really care

Didn't we set out to gather mushrooms,
Equipped with a basket and a knife
This was supposed to be the gorgeouest mushroom hunt in my life
Why did you have to scold me, call me names and be so cruel
I don't let anybody rant at me like you did, as a rule

You raised my pulse and raised my heart rate
And made tears blur my sight
That's when i scratched you in the face and started a fight
I won't relate all of the details which lead to your untimely death
I don't recall how many stabs it took to color red this path

A swishing knife, a heavy moan and a thud were all i heard
Let's be honest, all your lifetime you've been nothing but a nerd
Put in terms of an equation that way as yet unheard:
Basically you're to the worms now what a worm is to a bird

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