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Date de parution : 06/06/2005

Durée : 0:05:15

Style : Heavy Metal

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I can't feel, and i can't see
I'm falling down what's going on with me
Lord in heaven why am i here
Do i live to rise or rise to fall to shed another tear

One more time i fell that i'm alone
I can't describe it cause it's better to be shown
Feel the darkness covering the spite
Hear me screaming when it's pounding deep inside

Forever i'll be a poisoned thorn
I'll be haunting among your lives
The moment i was born it was time for him to rise


Deadmaker, deadmaker
Why don't you realize
That he can paralyze you all


My sorrow created by you
And even me cause i'm a self-destroying fool
I feel the spirit growing deep inside
I don't expect your comprehension
Cause even i don't know why

(repeat solo: both repeat)

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