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I had curriculum themes to particular dreams,
Mutilations for scheme's in a peninsula scene,
Pending to seem i prefer to see hideous things,
The most malicious with ease, recording a scream,
Options unlimited, life and death is the dividend,
Friendships end, and the harshness now begins,
Pistols come in dual or twin, receptions to attend,
In the family section i blend with a devilish grin,
I never found it appropriate to kill a associate,
But the war has begun and on some graves i spit,
Stuck in a mix, now i have to load up the clips,
Get on the strip, kill a few thugs for a brick,
I regret my actions, a close friend lost for a fraction...
Of wealth and relaxing so i could join in a faction...
Of health and packing of crack and distribution,
To institutions to insane asylum's for retribution.

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