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Wynonna Judd

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Verse; dear almighty father the great awesome god our consular, our friend we call upon you to listen and hear our prayer we will listen with open hearts chorus; dear almighty father we confess our sins to what was done and what we should have done and we ask you to cleanse us so, we can be worthy to sit at your table, yea verse; dear almighty father who proclaims promises that are good for us and creates change within us oh, our dear father we humbly ask for your help accordingly to your will chorus; repeat bridge; in my silence i heard him say; prayer doesn't always change things for you but i will give you what is good for you verse; dear almighty father you are my father i give you my life we are your people you know what is good we give you our thanks and your will be done chorus; repeat ...pau2-882-007 dated 1-28-1999

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