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Lil Wayne

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Out of sight, out of mind
Out of time to decide
Do we run? should i hide?
For the rest of my life

(verse 1)
Dear anne, my number one fan
I write with the light from the lamp on my night stand
With my pen in my right and that's also my mic hand
Codeine in a sprite can, ink on the white pad
And i'm thinking of life, anne and wrong and right anne
And sometimes i'm right and sometimes i might
Cannot find the light still my rhymes are bright
So i continue my plan and i'm sure like white sand
That they'll be price paying before my flight land
But still i want to see more than my sight can
A door so i can't ignore what i want anymore
So i just go: you can call me the "goer"
And oh, yeah i got a girl, she act like i owe her
And umm, sometimes it seems like i just don't know her
And yeah, the relationship is starting to feel like a chore
But i really hope i'm not starting to bore, page one


(verse 2)
Dear anne, my number one fan
I write you this letter, i hope everything's grand
I hope everyone's good, i hope everyone's praying
I hope, hold up baby, let me switch hands
See, lately i've been dealing
With a lot of shit, anne
It's burning me and i can't get out of this pan
And everytime i look there's a problem with this man
But i ain't tryna expose, i'm just tryna expand
But your support held me up like kickstands
And i'm also being more careful in how i pick friends

Anne, i'm trying to stay up out them
Chicks' pants, but i just can't!
But on another note, this ain't just another note
This is more than a rap - this is more of an oath
And i know you're wondering what this letter is for
And i'm just hoping that you read this far, page two


(verse 3)
Dear anne, my number one fan
By now you probably think that i'm portrayin' who i'm sayin'
And sometimes i wish i wasn't him, but i am
And it's people like you that make me proud of what i am
Hey, you are the shit, damn pardon the gram'
But it's like you make me feel like i'm a part of the fam
And shit, when my life is like some sort of exam
It's a jungle out there, lions, horses and rams
Shit, as i sit and wait for the war to begin
I just think of you then i'm rewarded again, anne
With you, is where my artistry can, anne
So with you, is where a part of me stands, anne
I hope i see you in the stands, anne
Because you know i understand, anne
And i'm sorry about stan
So i wrote this to say that i'm your number one fan


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