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Drake Bell

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I hope you know how the pain i went threw
Trying to clean up everyone elses act
And figure out my life
Watched you walk out
Watched the leave
Knowing ive tried to forget those moments
It is forgiven
But not forgotten

If i wrote a letter to you,
Heres what it'd say:
Your pathetic,
Your a miserable image of what a man should be
My mom took your place and still did hers
Now theres a real woman
I love you
But i really don't like

So i used your image of a man,
Of an example of what not to be
I am good and broken
But healing slowly
Only god and i can i've learned that
But now your gone

Bye bye
I don't want you near me
Get out leave now
Like you did once
Your weak and pathetic
And i cannot forgive it


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