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Dewey Cox

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Thank you
This next song i wrote for all of the people in this country
That i feel don't have a voice and
Well, maybe the commander in chief will hear you this time

This one's for the so called commander in chief
Wherever you are and wherever your heart is

Dear mr. president, i want you to know
I am deeper than you, listen and learn
My heart is a chapel, my head is a steeple
My arms are the people and the people now yearn

I stand for the midget, i stand for the negro
I stand for the injun, all hopped up on booze
I stand for the jap and i stand for the beaner
I stand, yes, i do, for the christ-killing jew

And i stand for the dyke and i stand for the retard
I stand for the chinaman washing my socks
I stand for the bum and the pimp and the bugger
And the cripple that lives on my street in a box

To conclude, mr. president, i'm not at all hesitant
To tell you i think the first lady is a fox
Her husband, the jerk off has ruined my country
That's all for today sincerely dewey cox

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