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Emma Forman

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Sara i'm sorry i never text you back
I said sara i'm sorry i never phone you back
I leave it days at a time before you even get a reply
Sometimes never

Sara i'm sorry i can't lie
You'd always be a second
She's the one i want by my side
Oh sara i'm sorry but i don't think that's right on you

Sara i'm sorry i'm asking you to find someone who will love you forever
And treat you right
Somebody who replies instantly in a beat of a heart
And never leaves you waiting

Sara i'm sorry but if the truth be told
I will let you down
Oh i won't be the one you will grow old with
It breaks my heart to admit

Sara i'm sorry but you would always be second to her
I would always be checking that she's not around
Somehow i prayed she'd find me
Sara i'm sorry but i won't reply
I said sara i'm sorry i'll leave you waiting all alone at that bar
Oh it's kinder than turning up

Sara i'm sorry your love just would never be enough
You would always be second to her
And that's not right
Find somebody who'll give you that split second reply

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