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Date de parution : 01/01/1999

Durée : 0:02:37

Style : Alternative

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The sound of revolution.the soul of my evolution.i take the test and i fail.i take my lumps and wail.its a conspiracy,yeah its inside of,its all distorted,but sound,we can record it.the sound of revolution.the soul,my evolution.i can do nothing else.i walk alone and sing to myself.i walk alone in my own personal hell.a place i call home a place i dwell.its one part of a conspiracy,inside you and you ready for the revolution?because when it comes what are you going to do?are you just going to sing about it?wont block or break the sound,these thoughts are to profound,its a conspiracy,yeah its inside of me.its a conspiracy,a death conspiracy.its a conspiracy inside you and me.i let the hammer fall.i watch it smash them not ignore the sound,weither it big or small.the sound of death breathes life,you cant ignore the will infect your head,i will inject my finds.sound,revolution.the sound of death breathes life,do not ignore my strife,i said im death for life!
Thanks to alex for these lyrics

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