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Downtown they've got another sound.
Move slowly cause it's all around.
Untangle me. the odds are all on you.

Uptown they've got this raging heart,
But i don't believe we fit the part.
They're looking for a duchess and a duke.

Some of them will say one thing.
You will have to do one thing or another.
Some of them will say anything.
There's nothing that i wouldn't say to you to keep you from running, running.
There's no reason to believe it's true if it keeps you from the loving, loving.

I was born a death defier.
A red-hair crooner and a liar.
The world was made for fools like me and you.

Little charmer of the underworld.
Dead rising around the sleepy girl.
I've got to make my exit without you.
Come catch me down on sullivan with
6 or 7 of the deadly sins.
I won't be waiting up, but that ain't true.

Repeat chorus

Catch me on high. i'm coming down. catch me alive.
I've been breathing so heavy and hard. now i'm choking on this steady stream of broken dreams and bad luck, but i don't really mind.

Repeat chorus

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