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Date de parution : 18/09/2007

Durée : 0:03:31

Style : Rock

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"now i hear the voices and i know the speculation (uh) but i am the
Decider (uh) and i decide what is best (uh) what's best (uh) death and
Destruction, death and destruction (uh) death and destruction (uh)
Death and destruction (uh)"

You go to war without a care in the world
No matter what the cost
Must be a reason for all this treason
It never mattered if we won or lost

You want it
You got it
You break it
You bought it

Stuck in the middle of a civil war
Well what the fuck do you expect
Our occupation of other nations
Is bound to have a fucking violent effect

You want it
You got it
You brake it
You bought it

So what, you always try to go to war
But you never went
It doesn't matter if blood is splattered
We make a killing off the ones that we send

You want it
You got it
You brake it
You bought it

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