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Date de parution : 01/01/2001

Durée : 0:04:35

Style : Rock

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Wright cyclone thunder coming closer mid day time
From thirty thousand feet the 452 group in clear sky
Beholds the city laid out like a carpet drown below
Still the fires from last nights attack among the rubble glows

Black puffs the anti-aircraft guns has come alive
As the mighty eight approaches high up in the sky

Death from above

From the bellies of the flying fortresses in olive drab
Hells fire pouring down upon the earth
Incendiary high explosives falling through the sky
To detonate at ground level to enflame to kill to burn

Bombs away heading west 452 group returns to base
All land below engulfed in smoke the city is ablaze

Death from above

Again at night the roar of engines in the dark above
The merlin rumble now 514 sqadron has arrived
With bellies full of daeth and bomb doors open wide
To destroy what 542 group may have left behind

The pathfinders unloads a colour full veil glow so bright
And the rubble city down below burn throughout the night

Death from above

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