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Counted, counted, weighed and parted
Ripped to pieces, ruled and numbered
Hands of doom break your wings, bury you alive
Die before death, nowhere to hide

A cold systematic ritual of silent choking torture
Pain beyond pain lay your soul to waste
Drive your dreams to dust
So i wreak my revenge draped in disguise

Huse of hades open for me
Strength in darkness blasphemy
Smiling at the gates of hell
Pure soul distortion

Death metal holocaust
Death metal animal

We're shadows, living dead, ghouls to this world
Wilder, wilder, wilder, wilder
Counted, counted, weighed and parted
Wilder, wilder, wilder, wilder

Ripped to pieces, ripped apart
My spirit exiled, my mind like space
My body, a weapon
Like a bullet through the void

Motor gods of apocalypse
Blood engined death machines
High speed lords of the underworld
Soul hulks on the other side

A natural force, death black massive
Timeless storms
Ripping through the void
Like a roaring lion

Stalking the earth
With all sins of the world upon your shoulders
Morbid fulfillment of obscure dreams
Pure soul distortion, awaken reprisal
The young blasphemic assault

Death metal holocaust
Death metal animal
Death metal holocaust
Death is the crown of all
Rotting, cursing, clawing at your coffin

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