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The Hidden Cameras

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Date de parution : 01/01/2005

Durée : 0:03:23

Style : Alternative

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Silence from you is like
The death of a tune, oh
I have been driven down
By those nursery rhymes, oh

Am i troubled by youth
To be wordless and useless? oh
Wordless and you
Wordless and you

It's been the same forever
It's the start of it all
A congregation
The meaning block
Spring and summer

When i enter the room
I hear the chirp of a lark, oh
Mumbling in a whine
My own melody line, oh

And if i sing to the wall
I'd be killing them all, oh
Killing them all
Killing them all

It's the same expression
That's been used on them all
A slow elation
That can warm the flock
Let's keep it together

Am i just being used
When i hear mostly lies? oh
In confusion, i think
What a pity to rhyme, oh

Smothering my own muse
By a telepathy line, oh
Telepathy line
Telepathy line

If we abstain forever
We can start the love
It's the same in heaven
As they fall apart

The mind recovers
The soul is lost
The body's my brother

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