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Malcolm Mclaren

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Three years have gone by and here i am
Back in nagasaki, in cho cho's garden
Dear heaven! with my american wife, katy
Gee! katy loves cho cho's baby.
Cho cho, i can't confront her, i am still married to her
I remember my friend sharpless over there,
He warned me i was a bounder
But i really loved cho cho san, in those days
When i was her man

Why? why did i come back?

Gosh i wish suzuki would be quiet
I don't want to be here
I don't want to be anywhere around here
When they tell cho cho san, that i found another love
I know this time i made a fatal error
Sharpless warned me and i didn't care
How on earth i can remain here
Where death now fills the air
Remembering only one thing, my wedding ring

Goodbye cho cho san! goodbye!
She marked my going forever
Counting the steady flow of days and hours
And now in this room, there are just dead flowers
Goodbye cho cho san! goodbye

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